Hello world!

My main development project these days is Aboriginal Linux, which aims to replace cross compiling with native compiling under an emulator (qemu). For each supported target architecture, FWL produces its own cross compiler (based on gcc, binutils, and uClibc), then uses that cross compiler to create a new root filesystem with a native toolchain (based on uClibc and busybox, plus a native toolchain built from gcc, binutils, make, bash, and the Linux kernel), which it packages as a tarball or an ext2 image.

Booting the resulting system image under qemu (or chrooting into an i686 or x86_64 target's root filesystem) gives a native build environment for the target, eliminating the need for any additional cross compiling.

Here's my development blog. It started as notes to self about Aboriginal Linux (which used to be called Firmware Linux), and evolved over the years. (I also have a livejournal, but I don't update much these days.)

Back when I maintained busybox, I wrote a few busybox related shell scripts.

My 2006 OLS presentation on Populating Initramfs with BusyBox and uClibc is a bit sparse, but there it is if you're curious. Here are some other talks I've done over the years, which wound up being recorded for one reason or another.

My own domain is landley.net.